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Risk Management and Human Resources Portal

This tool grants your business access to a sample library of loss control and human resources documents, programs and policies.

The system is customizable. You can modify any of the documents in the library to meet your needs and upload your existing policies and procedures. Clients have access to the portal to find the safety or human resource materials that you need.  The DRA staff can help you find and craft the best risk management resources for you, as well.

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Emergency Claims

We, at Dominion Risk Advisors, are here to serve you in the event of an emergency. Your first call is to us and not a Toll-Free service center. Please make sure everyone is safe, pick up the phone and call one of the numbers below:

  • Dominion Risk Advisors – 540-366-7475
  • Duke Baldridge – 540-353-3427
  • Julie Mayhew VerSluis – 540-556-0032
  • Jennifer Schang – 540-556-2398
  • Mollie Levan – 540-598-3595
  • Mark Lowman- 540-819-6983

If your claim is not an emergency, you can email the details to or your Account Manager.

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